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For whom ?
Children (From 5 years old) & Adults


Snow front / Green slope

Doesn't know anything about the industry

and/or practice

Goals : 

• Understanding the basic principles of the sport
• A guided introduction to the ski lifts and pistes
• Learning about your equipment and getting a feel for the board
• Working out if you are regular or goofy foot (which foot you naturally place forward)

• Feeling the glide of the board and learning how to fall!
• Learning to move on playful slopes
• Improving board control and starting to try do some turns

Class 1

Green/Blue Slope

Able to move and be independent on gentle slopes

Goals :

  • Controlling your speed by using your rails to skid whilst maintaining total balance

  • Develop a high level of symmetry in both your frontside and backside turns

  • Understand how to use the different angles of terrain to develop skid control

  • Discover the environment (skier's rules of conduct) and integrate into the flow of skiers.

  • Understanding when to turn and when to gain speed to cover ground

  • Learning your first jumps and flat manoeuvres.


Class 2

Blue/Red Slope

Symmetrical in their turns and are looking for technical solutions to improve on different terrains

Goals :

  • Discover, develop and use vertical movement in turns and freestyle.

  • Perfect the tilt mechanism by increasing the speed.

  • Discover the short radii and develop aerial transition

  • Make the student comfortable in multiple environments

  • Develop important techniques and styles in the lower body

  • Set up the first aerial transitions.

  • Raise snowboarders' awareness of snowboarding in all snow and terrain.


Class 3

Blue/Red Slope

Riding for the pleasure of snowboarding


  • Experience varied conditions (terrain, slope, snow quality) to improve the general coordination and mix of the different fundamentals.

  • Consciously use the terrain to choose lines and help flow down the mountain

  • Develop use of body torque to help in half pipes and explosive movements

  • Develop the movement of the base surface under the center of gravity through flats and turns

  • Improve the control of drifts and large snow spraying whilst maintaining a strong centre of gravity, particularly in the short radii


Freestyle practice:

  • Use the flex of the board in flat evolutions to give manoeuvres pop.

  • Structuring the aerial combinations in the snowpark or backcountry.

Class 4

Red/Black Slope

Their level allows them to find pleasure in every situation – highly experienced in the snow


1. Physical:

Going up and down hills, for kilometres with total freedom and efficiency in movement.

- Be able to choose when to increase the intensity descents and push harder.


2. Techniques:

Find pleasure from all types of snow and marked out terrain.

- Understand the most appropriate techniques and moves for any encountered terrain

3. Assignments:

Working on commitment and achieving challenging goals

4. Equipments:

Use several types of equipment and feel the different effects of them

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