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For whom ?
Children (From 3 years) & Adults

Beginner :

Snow front / Green slopes

First experience on skis

Goals : 

• Find the feeling of gliding, a true source of happiness
• Introduction to the ski lifts and environment
• Learning to move around on flat terrain and gentle slopes (autonomously). - Gaining comfort in the "snowplough" position.
• Making the first changes of direction and controlling speed.

Class 1:

Green/Blue Slopes

Moves autonomously on gentle slopes

Goals :

• Control your balance and speed by means of skidding, making the process subconscious

• Discover the environment (skier's rules of conduct), integrating into the flow of skiers.
• Learning your first turns in the "snowplough" position


Class 2:

Blue/Red Slopes

Consistently uses the same turning technique, body position and speed whatever the situation (lack of adaptation).

Goals :

• Discover the mechanisms for moving with parallel skis, by learning pivoted extension, pivoted contraction and using the ski edge.
• Develop body control and voluntary weight transfer to improve turn technique and speed.

• Find support on the outside foot and maintain it throughout the turn.
• First notions of dissociation (located at shoulder and eye level).


Class 3:

Blue/Red Slopes

Controls speed and changes of direction on medium and easy slopes.


• Vary the chosen environment (slope and snow quality) to improve overall coordination.

• Voluntarily seek the use of terrain to help flow in downhill transitions.
• Develop movements that encourage energy saving and allow you to be out there longer!

• Discover Freestyle.

• Learn and experience all types of snow and terrain.

Class 4:

Red/Black Slopes

Their technical level allows them to find pleasure in every situation on the mountain.




Going up and down hills, for kilometres with a high level of economy.

2. Techniques 

Operating efficiently on all types of snow and terrain through being highly adaptable to the given environment.

3. Assignments

Working on commitment and achieving goals.

4. Equipments

Knowing how to choose and use your equipment (boots, clothing or type of skis).

5. Safety management 

• Find your way around the mountain, know and respect the safety rules.

• Understand how to manage the risks of a snow covered mountain

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